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Our investments

Yelte offers innovative and fresh plant based foods & drinks for everyday life that are not only tastier and healthier than other plant based products on the market, but also smarter, more innovative and more fun!

HPP Nordic provides manufacturers an independent partner with the relevant equipment and know-how regarding HPP treatment of various food. Thus increasing both food saftey, shelf life and taste without the use of heat or additives

Nothing F!SHY are the makers of the best frozen vegan fish substitute on the market. Everything in regards to taste, consistency and sustainability will leave you wanting more

Mylla are delivering the most fresh, ecological and locally grown vegetables and meats to the Swedish market by an innovative SaaS solution and disruptive business model.

Founded in January 2020, Pinteg is a Legal-Tech company caring about good handling of personal data both for individuals and businesses. We allow individuals to decide how they want their data to be treated, and help them to take actions.

Bokio was founded in Gothenburg 2015 with the goal of creating a innovative and world-class accounting SaaS solution in order to free up time and resources for entrepreneurs.